Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Confined in a box of gold, 
No one to sway with me, 
No one my hands to hold.

Repressing all desires,
Repressing all the love,
The breath becomes tainted,
With colors dark and bold.

The eyes are all teary,
The heart is deeply void,
Alone in my darkness,
I cry forever more.

The memories bring me back to
Those places I ever miss,
The smile's long forgotten,
In hallways full of dust.

The people all around me,
Whispering grimly like ghosts,
Blindfolded by my emotions,
I can't feel the sun.

The warmth is ever missing,
My hands are very cold,
The nights are oh so lonely, 
Confined in a box of gold.

For you I am yearning,
Save me from this scaffold.

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